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Maharaja Cookers Private Limited Is a Delhi based company engaged in manufacturing of quality Stainless Steel Pressure cookers under the brand name Speedex and Maharaja.
Pressure Cooking is healthy

Pressure cooking helps retain the quality of the foods you cook with by preparing them quickly and with very little water. Vegetables remain crisp, colorful and retain the texture and flavor that make them so delicious in the first place. By cooking with superheated steam natural flavors are often intensified so, please feel free to use less salt. Use quality ingredients (and as many organic and local ingredients as possible) and you will not be disappointed….we promise!

Pressure Cooking is efficient

Faster cooking means less energy use. Less energy use means less money spent and less impact whenever you use one. We could go on and list that a pressure cooker doesn’t release oily residues, odors and splatters like stove-top pan cooking or that many meals can be cooked in one pot instead of several reducing cleanup, but that would be too much to list here.

Pressure Cookers are safe

Modern pressure cookers are 100% safe and “goof-proof”.  They can’t explode! The pressure release and gasket mechanism would allow excess pressure to vent (if there ever is any). That’s it. A quality stainless-steel pressure cooker is safe, requires little maintenance and will last a lifetime.

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